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Liftoff Monetize in-app bidding available in open beta with Google AdMob

By Jessica Dibady | November 8, 2022


We are excited to announce that publishers can now add Monetize in-app bidding on the Google AdMob platform. This will help publishers as they grow revenue within a scalable and transparent auction environment.


What does this mean?

Monetize in-app bidding gives you access to premium demand sources from Liftoff Accelerate and Direct to maximize your revenue. Adding networks to your in-app bidding setup is the best way to increase competitiveness and the value of your inventory by securing the highest bids for impressions.

Liftoff Monetize is continuously growing the list of in-app bidding partners to ensure you can take advantage of our premium demand with all the solutions you choose for your inventory.

Compliance with the new privacy policies is essential for publishers to make sure each user is properly monetized. Liftoff Monetize is fully compliant with COPPA, CCPA, GDPR, and the latest iOS and Android platforms privacy policies to make sure the right ads are delivered to the right users. Make sure you have the proper setup for those specific users when adding Liftoff as an in-app bidding source.


How to optimize GDPR & CCPA traffic?

We strongly recommend updating GDPR & CCPA settings in your AdMob account to include Vungle in your “Custom list of ad partners.”  This setting allows Liftoff to monetize users more effectively and generate more revenue, especially in European markets.

The AdMob Help Center article shows how to take this action for GDPR in the AdMob UI. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you with this process:

  • Step 1. In AdMob dashboard click on “Privacy & messaging” tab
  • Step 2. Open the GDPR and CCPA settings with the “gear” icon separately and repeat the following steps for both
  • Step 3. Open “Your ad partners” list
  • Step 4. At the top, switch to “Custom ad partner” if that’s not the selected option (screenshot below)
  • Step 5. Add Vungle to both GDPR and CCPA custom ad partners lists
  • Step 6. Save the lists

Once the settings are applied, AdMob will initially request users to give GDPR / CCPA consent for Vungle as a newly added ad partner.


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