Mobile Heroes Community

Bringing Together Mobile App Marketing Heroes Across the Globe

The Tale of Mobile Heroes

With Mobile Heroes, app marketers worldwide come together to collaborate, exchange insights, and navigate the exciting mobile app marketing landscape.



Established in 2015, Mobile Heroes originated as a program dedicated to empowering non-gaming app marketers.


First Global Hero

Kevin Hsu, long-time industry colleague, makes history as the very first Mobile Hero.


First Mobile Heroes Comic

Mobile Heroes take on the guise of comic book heroes to battle fraudsters and others engaging in nefarious mobile marketing practices.


50 Heroes Strong

Achievement unlocked! Julie Wu joins our ranks as the 50th Mobile Hero.


Mobile Heroes Slack Community

Engage with peers in the Mobile Heroes Slack Community, where mobile app marketers from various backgrounds and regions convene to exchange ideas, learn, and grow across all app categories.


Reached 100 Heroes

After half a decade, numerous photoshoots, and hours upon hours of interviews, we proudly welcomed our 100th Mobile Hero! Congratulations, Oliver Wang!


Mobile Heroes Korea

Korea welcomes Mobile Heroes with the launch of its first localized program.


First Awards Show

In tribute to the remarkable efforts of our Heroes in advancing the industry over the past 5 years, we held the inaugural Mobile Heroes Awards Show.


Mobile Heroes Uncensored

The Mobile Heroes Uncensored podcast: Where education, entertainment, and mobile marketing collide, breaking the barriers between work and play.


Mobile Heroes Japan

Continuing global expansion, Mobile Heroes makes its next debut in Japan.


Mobile Heroes China

Breaking new ground, Mobile Heroes introduces the third localized version of the program in China.