Our mission is to connect people to the mobile apps and tools they love

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How it started

Since 2012, we’ve been at the forefront of changing how brands think about growing their app businesses.

From being the first to develop an ROI-focused approach to optimizing users to finding new ways of helping mobile businesses get more from their apps, our goal has always been to help mobile app companies connect to their audiences.

Today, we challenge the status quo by developing innovative technologies that help you advance app visibility and build your brand in the long term.

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Better positioned to power your growth

In 2021, we merged with our friends at Vungle, creating one of the world’s largest independent—and privacy-friendly—platforms.

Together, we’ll deliver even more value to our customers by continuing our work of fueling the entire mobile app transition cycle across user acquisition, engagement, monetization, and analytics.

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Growing with you

Over the last ten years, we’ve expanded our footprint beyond our Redwood City, CA, headquarters. Now, with offices in London, Berlin, Tokyo, and beyond, we’re positioned to meet you wherever you and your users are.

liftoff gives

Through our Liftoff Gives program, our colleagues can use their skills to give back and help others in their communities.

Say hi to our
leadership team

We’re guided by some of the brightest thinkers in our industry. The experience, expertise, and vision they bring to the table will allow our team to continue to scale, grow, and succeed.


We are a global company with offices around the world.
Our headquarters are located at:

900 Middlefield Rd
2nd Floor
Redwood City, CA 94063

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We’re always looking for bright, passionate people who are eager to make a difference for our customers.

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We want to hear from you. Let us know if you need more info on getting started, help with a specific issue, or have a media request.