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Out Now! Liftoff’s 2022 Casual Gaming Apps Report

By Scott Reyburn | August 31, 2022

The 2022 Casual Gaming Apps Report is here, breaking down industry trends and relevant data points for mobile marketers working across the category.

The steady recession from pandemic-driven highs gave mobile game spending its first-ever year-over-year drop in Q1 2022, according to Sensor Tower. However, mobile is now 3.3 times larger than its closest competitor of home console gaming, and Casual Gaming is also projected to grow steadily, retaining its place as the mobile gaming genre made for everyone.

New challenges driven by world events prove mobile game marketers must reassess, optimize, and overhaul their strategies to keep performing their best. With that in mind, Liftoff is pleased to present its latest Casual Gaming Apps Report, breaking down key CPI and ROAS trends for mobile casual gaming, as well as offering key insights from Mobile Heroes in the Casual Gaming space. Download the full report now and get ready for the next set of challenges and opportunities headed your way.


Read the report in English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese or Spanish.

Report highlights include:

  • Detailed analysis of the casual gaming market
  • CPI and ROAS breakdowns by platform, region, and genre
  • Helpful insights from Mobile Heroes in the casual gaming field