Unlocking the Power of UGC Creatives With Liftoff Influence

Unlocking the Power of UGC Creatives With Liftoff Influence

By Liftoff | November 28, 2023

This blog post is the second in a series of posts exploring how mobile app developers can achieve faster growth through first-of-its-kind product enhancements only made possible by Liftoff’s unique product suite.

Scroll through your Instagram Reels and TikTok feeds, and you’d be hard-pressed to avoid seeing user-generated content (UGC)-style video ads.

The authentic, engaging creative format has proven successful for both brand marketers and mobile gaming and non-gaming performance marketers, and that’s no exception for Liftoff advertisers.

In 2023 alone, the Liftoff Influence team crafted hundreds of UGC-style video ads for marketers like you at some of the largest mobile gaming companies in match-3, social casino, and more, as well as at non-gaming companies in travel, personal finance, food delivery, and more. The results spoke for themselves, as many of Liftoff’s advertisers moved most of their ad budget behind campaigns with Liftoff Influence-made UGC creatives.

We figure you are thinking, “Show me the receipts results.”

Here you go:

  • In the past 90 days, 10 Liftoff advertisers who spent over $100,000 on campaigns using UGC-style creatives from Liftoff Influence saw 20% lower eCPI.
  • Liftoff non-gaming advertisers using UGC-style video ads increased their conversion rate from impression to install by an average of 152%.
  • Liftoff advertisers saw ~3x more ROI with UGC-style creatives from Liftoff Influence than non-UGC creatives.

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