How Publishers Can Prepare for Apple’s IDFA Change

How Publishers Can Prepare for Apple’s IDFA Change

Apple’s IDFA change is around the corner. Find out how you can prepare from the industry’s leading supply-side partners.

With limited access to IDFA on iOS devices, app publishers and supply-side partners will need to support SKAdNetwork to comply with advertiser demand and make their inventory available to demand-side partners like Liftoff to bid on. Join us as we sit down with Chartboost, Fyber, and InMobi to discuss what app publishers need to do to prepare.


  • Maggie Mesa, SVP Global Supply & Partnerships at Chartboost
  • Alon Golan, VP Product at Fyber
  • Prajwal Barthur, VP Product at InMobi
  • Betty Wan, Business Development & Partnerships at Liftoff

What we covered:

  • What is SKAdNetwork and how it works
  • Current state of SKAdNetwork adoption
  • How supply partners are preparing
  • How publishers can prepare to support SKAdNetwork
  • Tips to ensure a smooth transition to SKAdNetwork supply
  • Challenges & solutions to industry adoption of SKAdNetwork