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22% Lower CPAs When Yubo Ran Non-Personalized Ad Campaigns With Liftoff

By James Haslam | October 15, 2020

With Non-Personalized Traffic, Yubo’s CPIs also decreased by 16%

Yubo makes it easy to discover new friends all around the world. A trending social networking app designed to “make new friends” and create a sense of community. The app, created by app publisher TWELVE APP is geared towards teenagers and young adults and allows users to create video live streams with up to 10 friends. To date, Yubo has more than 40 million users worldwide.

Executive Summary

With upcoming changes to IDFA on iOS, TWELVE APP, publisher of the live-streaming app Yubo, worked with Liftoff to evaluate the impact of non-personalized traffic on user acquisition performance. Their aim was to reduce cost per action (CPA). After seven weeks, results were impressive: the CPA on new sign-ups decreased by 22% while CPI decreased by 13%. 90% of Yubo’s ad spend with Liftoff is now spent on buying non-personalized traffic.

New Challenges for 2021

With question marks hovering over the adoption rate of IDFA opt-in, leading developers and brands are on the lookout for ways to maintain growth without relying on the options they have been used to.

TWELVE APP, the Parisian developer of Yubo, a social streaming app, knows that iOS users present a valuable target. But the team needed a reliable solution that allowed ongoing, successful acquisition campaigns without the use of the IDFA.

TWELVE APP had recently partnered with Liftoff, just at the time when Liftoff began evaluating the quality of non-personalized inventory. Yubo’s UA team made the shift shortly after onboarding.

What is Non-Personalized Traffic?

When Apple announced its changes at WWDC 2020, Liftoff began evaluating the quality of non-personalized traffic (known as Limited Ad Tracking, or LAT) in user acquisition campaigns. Non-personalized traffic includes users who disable Personalized Ads via in iOS, concealing their device IDFA in bid requests.

As one of Liftoff’s first customers to test non-personalized traffic, TWELVE APP has seen improved results over time. Our machine learning (ML) improves its knowledge as it bids. And as campaigns continue, ML has been able to drive down the cost of acquisition and sign-ups, the main KPIs for Yubo’s success.

How did Yubo’s Campaign Perform?

The target for Yubo was reaching a CPA of $3 on signup, alongside a CPI of $2. From the beginning of the campaign to its most recent point:

  • CPA decreased 22%, reaching a low of $3.62
  • A 13% decrease in week-on-week CPA
  • CPI decreased 16%, most recently reaching $2.13
Liftoff has become one of our most trusted partners in a very short time period. We are scaling our campaigns effectively in the US market by keeping our CPA at the lowest and by reaching our core audience to the right places.Allison Feuvrier, Head of Global Marketing, TWELVE APP

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